London Drowns Its Green Pioneers: London’s Lack of Green Readiness sends Oceandiva Packing back to the EU.

1. February 2024 | 9:35

Oceandiva media release from 01 February 2024

London Drowns Its Green Pioneers:London’s Lack of Green Readiness sends Oceandiva Packing back to the EU.

February1st, 2024, London, UK -In what marks a significant setback for London’s aspirations to be a leader in sustainable maritime innovation, the Oceandiva London project, a shining example of green technology, has been compelled to return to EU waters. The decision, made by the owners, comes after prolonged challenges in navigating the complex web of regulatory and certification processes in the UK.

Oceandiva, a frontrunner in sustainable floating event venues, expresses deep disappointment in having to redirect its award-winning vessel, ‚Oceandiva London‘, away from the UK. Despite obtaining the prestigious Green Award’s Platinum Label, the combination of regulatory challenges and infrastructural inadequacies proved too great to overcome.

The ‚Oceandiva London‘ stood as a beacon for the future, the world’s first carbon-neutral floating event venue of its caliber.“This vessel isour vision for the future of sustainable events, a dream we hoped to realize in London. It’s disheartening that instead of embracing such innovations, infrastructural and bureaucratic barriers have made it impossible to continue our operations in the city,”lamented Edwin Petersen, CEO of Oceandiva.

While many global cities are making strides in adopting sustainable solutions, London seems to lag behind. The introduction of ‚Oceandiva London‘ was seen as an opportunity for the city to lead in maritime sustainability. ‚Oceandiva London‘ stands as a testament to modern design coupled with a profound commitment to sustainability. As the first carbon-neutral powered vessel on the River Thames, it had the potential to redefine London’s event horizon.

The trading company of ‚Oceandiva London‘, which was to be managed by London’s premier events and hospitality supplier, Smart Group, was excited to elevate London’s hospitality scene. Greg Lawson, CEO of Smart Group, expressed his huge disappointment: “London had the chance to host the epitome of sustainable event venues. It’s a missed opportunity for the city. Smart Group LTD never even achieved handover from Oceandiva EU who worked tirelessly with the authorities to achieve the Passenger notation. It is time for swift and decisive action that paves the way for green technology, ensuring London’s place at the forefront of environmental stewardship.”

Oceandiva extends its deepest appreciation to London & Partners for their unwavering support and to all our clients whose enthusiasm for our vision has been a source of inspiration and motivation. Both Smart Group and Oceandiva are steadfast in their commitment to sustainability and remain hopeful for a future where regulatoryframeworks can quickly adapt to the pace of innovation. Projects like Oceandiva London are the very embodiments of innovation that should be met with encouragement rather than delay.